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I have been in the tour and travel industry for thirty years. I began in the lodging industry for a large Hotel franchise company. As a guest service manager, I greeted many motor coach groups-observing the people’s pleasure and excitement-encouraged me to pursue a career in the group travel market. 

I was fortunate to start a career change in the wholesale group travel market with Steve Hayden, President of Tours For You/Your Kentucky Connection. Working for Steve was a journey of unique ideas in tour and travel and this knowledge was passed to me. After Steve retired from the group tour business, he passed the reins to me, and I am happy to continue the tradition in the standard Tours For You, LLC/Your Kentucky Connection was created.


PAMELA HAHN CREPPS: Alice's Daughter
My journey with travel began in 1992. I was a Sales Representative with a diverse territory, which included traveling across the United States working Trade Shows.

In 1997 I received my Master Travel Degree and I was able to do what I love, have a travel business. During this time, I planned and escorted group cruises, planned honeymoons and extensive vacations, and everyday providing enjoyment for my clients.
Then the opportunity came for me to work with the Group Tour Business, at Tours For You,LLC/Your Kentucky Connection and to make it a family business, with RIver being our Hospitality Ambassador. The tradition will continue with our personal service, hard work and unique tours.



RIVER CREPPS: Alice's Granddaughter

Hospitality Ambassador and Future Tourism Operator in Training. 







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